Friday, August 28, 2015


At least once in their lifetime, people wonder what Life is all about. Many times I myself wonder, what my Life was is and shall be all about.

But such wondering doesn’t end there and I will also not be wrong if I say that such thoughts are often followed by probably, 

Am I doing what I am meant to do? What is it that I am meant to do? When shall I know what I have to do? What if I never know what I am here for? Will I ever be punished for doing it all wrong or for messing up the things in the worst possible ways? Shall I be rewarded for accomplishing everything in Life? What will be my reward for such accomplishment?

I am pretty sure all of us, at least once in our so called Lifetime will or already have had such thoughts crossing our minds.

I decided to pen down what I think Life is all about, hard a task it seems, but have to see where my tunnel of thoughts leads to.

Here we go.

When I think about Life, first thing to flash in my mind is an analogy presented by Shri Mayur Kalbag, an ace trainer in personality development whom I came across during my GET time at Godrej & Boyce in 2009. His thoughts enlighten us,

Life is Time. Both are eternal, come and pass by and cannot be started, stopped or ended by none.

How true. I haven’t really found anything close that can explain Life so closely. A similar analogy was widely presented in B. R. Chopra’s renowned epic MAHABHARATA where the entire story was narrated by Samay (Time).

Remember the times when you feel immensely happy. These are the times we feel YESS. THIS IS LIFE. On the other hand, when the going gets tough, we feel THIS IS NOT IT. We have varied views on how each of such happy or tough moments last. Few feel happy moments last longer. Others feel the tough moments last longer.

Notice how we feel time only when we experience incidents of life. But the entire world is busy trying to create such moments by engaging themselves in one activity or the other, thus losing precious time.

We must understand,
What is Life if full of care, There is no Time to stand and stare.     

Life, I feel, is not meant for trying to create moments, instead to live moments as they arrive.
For instance, sincerely carry out the following exercise with your eyes closed and mind freed from thoughts:

Imagine visualising Himalayas with lush green fields at its feet, perhaps snowing a bit, from underneath a giant tree. Imagine nothing but this visual for about 10-15 seconds with your eyes closed. 

How was it? Haven’t we just created a happy moment where we felt YESS. THIS IS LIFE. IT wasn’t even that difficult, was it?

Just like this, we don’t have to try and create moments simply because we are capable and also destined to be more than just ordinary living beings. Biologically we enjoy a pretty high level of advancement in our species, but we act no better than rest of species.

On reading many articles from varied sources, I heard a voice within


Being a student of science, I was very reluctant to read Bhagwat Gita. I thought it would be a surrendering of some sort if I resort to religion for answers of Life. Alas. I was enormously wrong. Or so it feels after reading just 2 Chapters of the greatest text available to human beings.
It challenges the very essence of our day to day lives. The way we walk, talk, eat and think everything. It is not the texts that challenge, instead we ourselves question our existence, thoughts and our acts. It has an eternal power to change our lives in more ways than one for the greater good.

But one must understand, we need to feel, realise, experience and relive the texts as much as we can to truly understand Life. The light on path of our lives narrows down showing just the direction. Walking and moving forward on such path of righteousness is entirely in our hands.

This may seem awkward but it cannot get any righter.

Life is Shree Krishna as is Time.

Please read Bhagwat Gita and remember to spread the good word.

An Enlightened Soul need not differentiate between good or bad. It simply knows what Shree Krishna desires.

Hare Krishna!!    

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